Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When you need it fast

Can solar cooking integrate with the lives of busy "on the go" people?

Yes. I'm busy and "on the go" all the time, and I find it easy to cook much of my food with solar energy. I've just developed different habits, and now I don't notice them. They are now second nature to me.

Solar cooking doesn't have to be a big deal all the time. Though I consider myself a "foodie" and I love cooking and trying new dishes, sometimes I've just got to have lunch fast and get back to work or run out the door. At times like these, making salad from the organic tomatoes and arugula in my garden will take much more effort and time than putting a solar cooker outside and heating up a frozen Jamaican Beef Patty or a slice of yesterday's pizza. The solar cooker works while I work, mostly without my intervention. Here's some left-over solar pizza that I made (see photo above) and re-heated in the Global Sun Oven. Note the crispy bacon!

That's exactly what I did today. I only pre-heated the oven to about 275 degrees F, and put the patties inside. In about 1/2 hour the patties were too hot to handle with my bare hands, and they hit the spot. I spent less time heating up lunch with my solar oven today than I would have spent walking to the Chinese take away down the street, and I spent less money and of course I released no GHGs.


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