Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Solar "Stir" Fry and Rice

For years I've loved to eat fresh vegetables cooked in the Asian way, with the rich flavours of soy, garlic and sesame, and the rich flavours of the vegetables themselves. It was only around the age of 20 that I learned that the veggies I was raised on were overcooked, with much of the colour, flavour and nutrition literally boiled out of them!

Asian cooks keep their vegetables fresh and crunchy when cooked by applying high heat to them for a short time, most often in a wok.

Solar cooking keeps vegetables fresh and flavourful after cooking by using the opposite technique - longer cook times at a lower temperature. You will be amazed at how similar the results are.

For this "Stir" Fry, there will be no stirring.

Place the Sun Cook in your backyard and orient towards the sun to pre-heat. 275+F will do the trick. (Tip: the lower the temperature, the longer the cook time. If the oven's not at 350F, it's no big deal. Plan for a slightly longer cook time than if you used the gas stove.)

Take the following ingredients and mix them in your solar cook pot. Slice the pepper and eggplant relatively thinly, separate the bok choy leaves.

Bok Choy (can be baby, Shanghai, or other Asian green like Gai Lan, which is also yummy)
Yellow pepper
Chinese Eggplant
Sesame oil
Sesame seeds (white or black)
Soy sauce

Mix these ingredients in the cook pot, and place in the Sun Cook.

Now go about your business. Read. Catch up on some neglected correspondence. Rest. Be at peace for between 1 and 2 hours, depending upon oven temperature.

When the time is right remove food from the Sun Cook.

Here's what my dish looked like once I plated it up, and served it with some rice I had made the day previous, also with the Sun Cook.

For more about solar cooking and to purchase the Sun Cook, go to Sun Baked's website


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