Monday, August 21, 2006

Tiverton Trade Show

Sun Baked recently made its debut at the Energy Solutions Expo in Tiverton Ontario. Tiverton Ontario is in a lovely part of south western Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron just north of Kincardine on Hwy 21. The weather was absolutely perfect for demonstrating solar cooking: not a cloud in the sky. I got "Sun Baked" quite literally with a very red sun tan. Thank you Tiverton for a fantastic two days.

We had a great time serving up food prepared with 100% solar energy using our Global Sun Oven, and the El Solito parabolic solar barbeque.

My best friend Tim served hot dogs grilled on the El Solito, as well as fresh roasted coffee from the Merchants of Green Coffee, brewed at the focal point of the parabolic dish, while I presented our solar cookers to local Bruce County residents. We also served small snacks which were heated up in the Global Sun Oven.

Everyone was amazed at the way the Sun Oven worked to cook delicious food. Everyone was supportive, and we made some great sales and contacts.

Sun Baked's products can now be found in the following locations, thanks to our presence at the Renewable Energy Expo:

If you live in the Kitchener Waterloo area, see Mike and Trish Robinson, who carry both the Global Sun Oven and the El Solito parabolic solar barbeque at their store, Natural Power Products.

If you live in the Ottawa area, stop in to see Sean Twomey, who carries the Global Sun Oven at the Arbourshop, which has provided ecological products since 1990.

Sun Baked owes Tim Lam a big thank you for his help throughout the weekend. Here's the big El Sol parabolic solar cooker that Tim put together over the weekend. The El Sol features as 1.4m parabolic reflector, and can achieve temperatures of 450-500F at the focal point. It can prepare food for 12 people. We sold one at the show to a customer who wants to cook his family's food off the grid.

Without Tim's dedication and hard work, Sun Baked could never have done this show. Thanks Tim!

Thanks also go out to Cam Mather from Aztext Press for his generosity and support for our new business. Cam is a dedicated promoter of all things solar, including off-grid living. His articles and books are must reads for anybody who wants to live a more sustainable life. Bill Kemp's Renewable Energy Handbook, published by Aztext, gives the Global Sun Oven a good write up. Buy the book and start living as many aspects of your life as possible off the grid!

Things to do in Kincardine when you're Sun Baked

After Day 1 of the show on Saturday August 12, we trucked back into Kincardine for dinner at the end of a long day. At about 7 PM we were driving down the main street of town, Queen St, which runs parallel to the beautiful shore of Lake Huron. There was no other traffic, and ours was the only vehicle on the street. Quickly we noticed that people were gathered by the side of the road, sitting on lawn chairs, as if in expectation of a parade or something. We had no idea what was about to happen.

As we got to the end of Queen St, a police car with a flashing light pulled round the corner, and right behind them - a marching Scottish Pipe Band! As a Scots Canadian myself, I was quite surprised and proud to see and hear the band, and see that townspeople march behind it. Apparently the band marches through town every Saturday night during the summertime, according to the young lady at Shipwrecked Lee's Bistro who served us a really tasty fish dinner. She felt the march was boring, as it happens every week. I thought it was rather fun!


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