Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Solar Espresso

This past week I put together my new "Long Life Single" solar cooker from Germany. I will be selling these cookers to Canadians who want to cook some of their food without burning scarce and polluting fossil fuels.

I placed my old espresso pot on the cooker, and aligned the parabolic solar dish reflector towards the sun. (The best type of pot would be black. There are a couple black espresso pots out there, but none in Toronto. I have looked.)

I use only Fair Trade certified green coffee beans from the Merchants of Green Coffee which just happens to be co-located in the same building as my Solar Cooking supply company, Sun Baked. . Fresh roasted coffee tastes 100% better than stale coffee, which is what most people are used to drinking. The Merchants' coffees are solar dried. Now they can be solar brewed! In the future we will try solar roasting. I am unaware of any other coffee in the world that is solar dried, roasted and brewed. If there is one, let me know.

See the "sun flames" lick the bottom of my old Ikea espresso pot? This is concentrated solar energy, boiling the water for my java.

The parabolic mirror - made out of highly polished aluminum - focuses sunlight on one spot, where the pot holder just happens to be. The pot quickly became hot to the touch.

And in about 7 minutes I had a perfect pot of steaming hot, black espresso to start my work day.

It was actually tastier than many coffees I have made with my gas range at home. There was no sputtering coffee pot begging to be removed from the hot stove. No burnt taste, just tasty, fresh fair trade coffee made with free solar energy, with no carbon dioxide emissions, and no fossil fuels wasted.

Enjoy a cuppa solar energy! For more information, contact .


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