Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Winter 2007

Wow, did we ever have some nasty weather here in Toronto from mid January until late March. There was little sun, and when there was sunshine, it was cold. Brrr!

However, yours truly was cooking without carbon on sunny days. My solar cooking was limited to a few easy things I could prep indoors then cook outside on my El Sol parabolic solar cooker. I made some stir fries, some vegan dumplings and my famous "solarspresso."

Here's a shot of me "working away" on my Sunday morning coffee in early March. The red thingy in the middle of the parabolic reflector is my orange Palazetti stovetop espresso maker. The organic fair trade coffee came from the Zapatista Communities of Chiappas Mexico. Viva la revolucion! I put my money in the peoples' hands every time. If Hugo Chavez had a coffee, I'd drink a toast to him every morning! We need a leader like that in Canada. Hugo, this one's for you....

Sun Baked also participated in Toronto's "Seedy Saturday" organic seed exchange. I grow many of my summer veggies in the backyard (you can see the faded remnants of last year's Dinosaur Kale at the bottom of the picture above), so Sun Baked was happy to participate. Thanks also go out to the Riverdale Meadow Community Garden, which provided a shared table space for this event. Personal thanks also go to Kyla Dixon Muir who has been such a stalwart supporter of my efforts over the past winter.


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